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O'Donovan Cycles-the only Giant Dealer in West Cork.  

Giant are the largest bicycle manufacturer and one of the most popular brands in the world.

O'Donovan Cycles are proud to sell Giant and Liv bicycles and accessories.

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O'Donovan Cycles sell a large range of kids and adult bikes from many different brands also including Ignite; Lapierre; Kross; Carter...

We invite you to call to us instore to view our range and discuss your options.

Giant E-bikes

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E-bikes are growing in popularity and we can understand why - after all who doesn't enjoy taking the sting out of the hills.

Benefits of e-bikes:

  • E-bikes make it easier to go up hills.  Living in West Cork we are surrounded by hills and inclines and there is no better place for an e-bike to shine.
  • Less sweat.   If you commute to work, with an e-bike you can arrive ready to begin your days' work - not in a sweaty heap.
  • Environmentally friendly.  E-bike riders leave just 16g of carbon emissions for every km travelled compared to 208g by a petrol car for every km travelled.  
  • E-biking is fun.  The assistance you receive from the battery puts the fun back into cycling and puts a big smile on your face.
  • Excellent cardiovascular exercise.  With pedal assist, the rider has to pedal to receive the assistance which in turn burns calories.  Studies have shown that e-bike riders enjoy nearly the same exercise as regular bike riders but don't feel as exhausted.

Test Ride an E-bike with us today

We recommend test riding an e-bike before buying.

We welcome any interested customers to call into us and try an e-bike today.

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